We’re pleased to be attending MaD for the Future 2017: a national conference for innovation in manufacturing and design which kicks off 10 May 2017 at the ANZ Viaduct Event Centre in Auckland.

This event is an opportunity for attendees to consolidate, connect and collaborate with researchers and others in industry who are focused on New Zealand’s future manufacturing economy – with a vision to develop high value technology driven by innovation and niche markets.

HERA will be represented by our Research Engineers Dr Haiam Abbas and Dr Lei Chen, both of whom are the expertise behind our AGGAT program which looks to utilise low temperature geothermal resources and wasteheat through Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to create clean energy.

Dr. Haiam Abbas said “I believe New Zealand not only has the extraordinary natural resources that can be responsibly utilised to aid in addressing climate change, but the strong technical capability to do so as well.”

“As an engineer, I’m proud to be a part of this journey of innovation through my own works in the design of an air cooled highly finned tube condenser – an integral part of our ORC plant which will integrate with my colleagues turbine and generator work,” she said.

Dr Lei Chen went on to say “for me, this is a great chance for us to update industry on the break throughs we are making in terms of ORC and also to see if there is anyone out there with the capability and capacity to collaborate with us further – I’m excited to see what will come from it.”

With a strategic focus to deliver value to our members in the heavy engineering metals industry by opening the door to opportunity and driving innovation, Industry Development Manager Dr Boaz Habib felt strongly that this conference was the right forum for us to find out about ingenuity in the market place to inform our own programs, and welcomes it as a platform to share our R&D efforts to date.

For more information about the conference, please click here.

Are you attending the conference?

Be sure to catch Lei’s presentation on the aerodynamic and structural design of small scale turbines for ORC systems in Room Rangitoto 1 or Haiam’s on innovative design of air cooled highly finned tube condensers’ in Room Rangitoto 3 – both sessions are starting from 10.30am.