We’re excited to introduce you to Ozgur Erdem, our new addition as Senior Welding Engineer, to the Welding Centre team!

Ozgur is joining the Welding Centre team as Senior Welding Engineer. With over 20 years worth of experience in fabrication and construction in countries Russia, Libya, Iraq, Albania and in his homeland, Turkey we’re excited to have him apart of the team.

During this time Ozgur worked on large scale projects in construction of nuclear, combined cycle and coal fired power plants. However that isn’t all he worked on, as he has also worked in construction of oil and gas facilities.

As you all may be aware of, HERA offers training courses such as the popular Welding Supervisor Course and Welding Inspection Course.

HERA Senior Welding Engineer, Ozgur Erdem.

Excitingly, Ozgur also has 9 years of training experience at the Welding Institute (TWI) where he lectured Welding Inspection trainings in 18 different countries including Saudi Arabia. Simultaneously, he was also the Country Operations Manager for Turkey and North Africa.

Part of our focus here at HERA is ensuring we support our fabricator members and engineers with the best welding advice possible so they can confidently meet project challenges for their clients.

We understand that from start to finish, welding delivers technical solutions across the life cycle of a product that requires an expertise in a variety of fields such as metallurgy, design, fracture mechanics, fabrication, quality and inspection. Which is why we’re thrilled to have Ozgur on our Welding Centre team.

Educational Background

Ozgur’s educational background is full of valuable knowledge that is essential to deliver these technical solutions as he also brings to the team his Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Degree, International Welding Engineering Diploma, QC Welding coordinator, various Senior Welding Inspector certificates as well as Level 2 Non-Destructive Testing Qualifications in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Radiographic Testing.

We’re proud to have Ozgur join our team, nau mai haere mai Ozgur!