Now more than ever, we know that delivering value doesn’t simply stop at the ‘doing’ stage – it also needs to be effectively communicated and shared with our members so we can spark conversation, bring insight and drive a future focused metals industry.

That’s why, a specific section of our member survey concentrated on understanding how you prefer to be communicated to so that you’re more enabled to engage with us.


A call to present ourselves differently

As a traditional and science driven organisation we’ve rightly taken a very professional, third party,  detailed and comprehensive approach to all our technical reports – but we’ve also adopted the same style to our general communications such as HERA news, our website and email correspondence.

Thanks to your insights, we can see its time to switch it up in these day to day communications by becoming targeted in our content, taking a value and solution focus, keeping our content short and simple – and writing more like we speak.


How will we do it?

HERA resonates with our members as a strong ‘old world’ brand, but overwhelmingly we’re hearing you want us to become stronger by taking a more modern, polished and refreshed approach to the way we act, communicate and look.

Going forward we’ll be updating our language style, communication tools and visual look to meet this need, which we’ll introduce progressively over the coming year – be assured that connecting better with you is a key priority.

Globally we’ve seen there’s a trend towards more authentic and digital content that delivers honest and transparent experiences – your feedback absolutely supported this.  You’ve asked us to be more genuine in our communication style and to transition to a switched on, conversational tone that responds to what’s happening in our industry and what it means for you.  That’s why going forward we’ll be fostering a more community approach to our conversations so you feel part of the bigger picture.  Our first port of call will focus on providing clarity around HERA and what we do, sharing our mission and core values to build a clearer purpose, become more consistent in our messaging, and opening up lines of communication by offering tailored content to specific groups.

We also know that every business faces challenges – and that as your metals industry association we need to take a more proactive role in being your beacon of positivity during this time.  To achieve this, we’ll actively try to start conversations that matter, identifying next steps and most importantly – solutions. But we can’t do this alone.

This step change needs to be a two-way street – and the key to us being your reliable source of information and leader in the metals industry will always be driven and informed by you as our valued member.  So, will you be part of the change?


Connecting with the digital cloud.

Entering the fray of the digital world is a daunting concept for many – pushing us to communicate in ways we never have before.  But in the words of Socrates… the secret of change is to focus all of your energy – not on fighting the old, but on building the new!

Look out for notifications next Monday on Twitter and LinkedIn to get more details on survey results that signal a step change in this mantra!