After five years of development and testing, HERA is proud to be associated with the development of a new cold-formed steel deck profile for Dimond Structural™, a division of Fletcher Steel®.

This new deck profile has undergone extensive testing and analysis to ensure the optimised performance of the steel and concrete in composite slab designs.

Historical composite deck offerings

Historically Dimond Structural™ have produced several cold formed steel roof and deck profiles.

To enable designers to improve on building construction efficiencies, Dimond Structural™ engaged HERA to help develop a new 80mm deep deck profile to enable longer, more efficient composite slab spans.

Loaded fire test at Exova Warringtonfire.

Deck development process

Over a period of five years, Dimond® and HERA worked to develop and optimise the new Hibond™ 80 deck profile.

This development work draws on our extensive experience in composite design and development. On this project we used a combination of finite element analysis backed-up with experimental testing of the bare steel decks and the composite slab under Ultimate Limit State as well as Fire.

These tests were performed at 2 test facilities in the UK (Exova Warringtonfire and Imperial College London) as well as at the University of Auckland.

The results of these tests were then used to validate the design parameters to be used in the design of slabs using the new Hibond 80 deck profiles. The test data was also used to calibrate several finite element models. These models can then be used to perform additional analysis to improve the reliability of the data used in the final design. The result of this development is a number of deck options to enable design engineers to meet the design requirements of many varied structure types.

Hibond™ 80 Composite Slab Design Software

In order to enable designers to optimise their designs, Dimond Structural™ enlisted HERA’s assistance to help develop new composite slab design software. This tool takes advantage of a state-of-the-art analysis engine that supports slab design to ASNZS2327:2017.

The new software can take advantage of metal decking and composite slab continuity over supports, enabling further optimisation of the design. The software also allows for the design of cantilevered slabs, as well as slabs with patch and point loads and fire design.

This software has been reviewed by several consulting engineers and feedback incorporated to help ensure a robust design tool that is easy to use and which provides the necessary design documentation


The combined benefits of the new 80mm deep deck and the Hibond™ design software offers designers a suspended slab solution, enabling longer spans with the resulting benefit of fewer support beams and thus lower costs. Composite slab construction continues to be the first choice for speed of construction while minimising material use and costs, and this new offering helps designers deliver a design fit for purpose. Visit Dimond Structural™ at to obtain a free copy of the software or to find out more about the new Hibond 80 flooring system.

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