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Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form below

Applicant requirements

Our post-graduate scholarships provides support for those wishing to undertake full-time research for a PhD or an MD on work that may lead to business opportunities or business improvement for the New Zealand metals-based industry.

The Foundation will only accept applications from New Zealand residents, permanent residents or citizens.

Submissions can be placed at any time, however it’s important to note that these are only approved every March/April.  Here they are evaluated by our Research Panel before they are passed on to HERA Foundation for final review.

Awards to successful applicants will be dependent on confirmation of registration for a PhD or Masters degree.

Publicity declaration

The Foundation is supported by industry and private donations and therefore has an obligation through the news media, and its own newsletters to members and supporters, to give news of projects that it is supporting. Statements concerning this are more effective if the recipient is mentioned by name. By becoming a recipient of a HERA Foundation scholarship, you automatically agree to the mention of your name to news media.

Awards to successful applicants will be dependent on confirmation of registration for a PhD or Masters degree.

Submission and approval

Please note that applications via this portal may not fulfill all submission and approval requirements.  It’s your responsibility to ensure that your application complies with all of our submission procedures and policies.

Intellectual property

All Intellectual Property owned by either party prior to the commencement of the project shall remain the property of that party. All Intellectual Property arising out of the project, the Project IP, shall be assigned to HERA and HERA Foundation in equal parts which hold the IP on behalf of the industry. HERA / HERA Foundation will have the exclusive, royalty free license to the Project IP for commercialisation in New Zealand and the rest of the world.

All research and co-funding partners such as the hosting university or an industry in-kind sponsor shall have a non-exclusive, non-assignable, royalty free license to the Project IP for research and education purposes. For commercialisation in markets non-competitive with that of HERA a mutual agreement will be required. However, the parties agree in principle that they will be supportive of individual funding partners’ efforts for further commercialisation provided that the funding contributions are recognised proportionally in any agreement to do so.

The University/Student has the right to publish research information of general scientific and academic interest in scholarly journals. The University/Student will provide HERA with a copy of any proposed publication related to the research at least 60 days prior to submission for publication. Should HERA consider that the publication contains information of a commercially sensitive nature it may request that this information is deleted or may request the University/Student to delay publication for a maximum of 12 months.

Recognition of HERA Foundation support

In recognition of the support received you recognise the following obligations:

  • Annual reporting during scholarship period
  • Final report after completion of degree
  • Handing over of a copy of the thesis for the HERA library
  • At least one presentation at relevant conference or seminar (such as Metals NZ Conference)
  • The obligation to promote HERA Foundation scholarships e.g. in papers or on CV
  • Noting the alumni promotion aspect

Funding support

Scholarships for a ME project are for 1 year and a maximum of $35,000.

PhD project are for up to 3 years and a total grant of $105,000.

The stipend for both PhD and Masters is limited to a maximum of $28,000 per year.

Application instructions

Our application consists of two parts.  The first is the general information form below which covers:

  1. Basic contact information
  2. Proof of eligibility
  3. Academic information – institution information, academic record, transcripts and your personal curriculum vitae
  4. Supervisor details and availability, and
  5. Supporting documentation – letter of references and referee details

The second is your project proposal which is to be developed offline and uploaded seperately.

We strongly recommend taking the time to create a strong project proposal element in collaboration with your elected project supervisor(s) before filling the form out below – as this will be the key aspect that your scholarship is assessed on.

General information form
Post graduate scholarship

1. Contact information

2. Eligibility

The Foundation only accepts applications for Post-Graduate scholarships from New Zealand residents, permanent residents or citizens. Please upload proof of eligibility such as New Zealand passport, drivers licence or similar.

Maximum file size: 516MB