HERA is pleased to announce the publication of HERA Report R4-153 – Steel building guide to NZS 3404:1997 amendment 1 and 2 worked examples.

Authored by Dr Amir Yousefi, Dr Gary Djojo and Dr G. Charles Clifton of the University of Auckland. It’s primarily intended to be used as a learning resource for undergrad and postgrad Structural Engineering students, containing worked examples of capacity design of a multistorey steel framed building.

The report follows the capacity design procedures from NZS3404:1997 including amendments 1 and 2 as well as the HERA design guide P4001:2013 – Seismic design of eccentrically braced frames.

It covers the determination of the seismic, wind and gravity design actions of a 4 storey building. Once the design actions have been determined, the worked examples then cover the detailed design of an EBF including the design of the collector beams, diagonal braces, active link and all connections.

It also gives guidance on the diaphragm shear connection checks to ensure the seismic loads have a dependable path into the braced frames.

Who can benefit from this report?

Although targeted at our HERA student members, this report is also valuable to New Zealand graduate or junior engineers, and engineers that are new to NZ capacity design details.

It would also serve well as a refresher for existing engineers, and as a resource in consultancy libraries alongside a copy of P4001.


How can you access this report?

We’re excited to offer this for free to our student members. To access, please get in touch with our library via email at info@hera.org.nz.

For all other users, this report is available for purchase on our online library portal here.

Click image to view more details on our online library portal.

Update shared by our Senior Structural Engineer, Andrew Pennington.