Significant updates to HERA report R4-131 Design of Composite Steel Floor Systems for Severe Fires (slab panel method (SPM) design guide)


HERA is pleased to announce the re-publication of updated HERA Report R4-131:2022 – Design of Composite Steel floor Systems for Severe Fires.

This updated report has been authored by Associate Professor Charles Clifton of the University of Auckland, along with Fanqin Meng, Dr Kaveh Andisheh, and Reza Kordani of HERA. The report is the result of significant edits to HERA’s previously published Design of Composite Steel Floor Systems for Severe Fires R4-131, to account for recent research and development and changes to New Zealand Standards since R4-131 was originally published in 2006.

The new design guide delivers an advanced technical solution, which provides a more cost-effective and sustainable solution that increases the safety of buildings in severe fires.

The design guide is part of the HERA project “Updating Slab Panel Method (SPM)”. The project has three key parts:

  1. updating R4-131 to deliver advanced solutions;
  2. developing SPM webinars to upskill engineers and other professionals; and
  3. updating HERA’s SPM software.

Update shared by our Manager Structural Systems, Kaveh Andisheh.