HERA and the Pressure Equipment Workshop committee invite the New Zealand pressure equipment community to the Second New Zealand Pressure Equipment Workshop. This workshop will benefit designers, fabricator, inspectors, vendors, regulators, owners and operators.

The goals for the workshop are:

  • Sharing technical information, innovation and practical experiences
  • Provide guidance and feedback for the application and improvement of codes and regulations
  • Networking
  • Promote New Zealand’s capabilities
  • Promote consistency and best practice in the industry

The workshop content will be provided by the attendees with presentations of technical papers and less formal presentations. The proposed programme includes be a keynote speaker, panel discussion and updates from the regulator. A programme will be provided in a later announcement. The venue is close to Auckland airport. Fees and registration details will be announced later. Sponsorship offers are welcome to help reduce fees.

Copies of papers and presentation notes will be made available to workshop participants.

Update shared by our Information Centre Manager Brian Low