Over 100 representatives of the NZ pressure equipment community are coming together for the 2nd Pressure Equipment Workshop to share, discuss and debate issues that are of interest to the industry as a whole.

Presentations will be given by industry people on a range of topics including fitness for service and risk assessment, application of IPENZ PN 19, plant maintenance and use of new technology in the oil and gas sector.

Worksafe will be addressing the audience with an update on the regulatory framework governing the industry. Keynote speaker Roger Griffith will outline the challenges faced by the Australian pressure equipment industry and will share some lessons learned from dealing with imported products.

A panel discussion will be held in the afternoon where attendees can ask questions around PN19 and design verification and also of general interest. Panelists include representatives from industry and worksafe.

Attendees are invited to stay for drinks and nibbles after the workshop. The workshop will be held at Sudima hotel which is just a whisk away from the Auckland Airport.


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