SNC Steel is a Papakura, Auckland based fabricator with the tenets of lean manufacturing at its core, concentrating on quality and service while eliminating unnecessary cost and time waste. Since their focus has been on quality products provided to customers in the safest manner possible to the highest standards, and recognising that quality can be a subjective term within the industry, SNC Steel embarked on the SFC scheme to ensure that its work is indeed to specs for both the company and customers.

As such, in accordance to the SFC scheme, SNC Steel have developed and are maintaining a stringent Quality Assurance system which is based on extensive industry experience and in accordance with the AS/ NZS ISO 3834.2


A hunger for quality

“We recognised that only a strict quality assurance system, developed according to the national standards as specified by SCNZ and HERA, two of the most recognised authorities in the steel fabrication industry, would put to rest the issues faced by the industry in the past decades,” said SNC General Manager Noel Robbie.

“In my 20 years in the industry, one of the things that drive me in my work is constantly ensuring we offer the best we can to our customers. We are very proud of our achievement, and attaining the SFC mark provides our customers with greater confidence in the quality and manufacturing integrity of our work.”

SNC Steel is among the SCNZ members who adopted a unanimous resolution late last year to make the certification mandatory for all Steel Constructors there has been a significantly increased interest in the scheme. SCNZ is now requiring new members to attain the certification as a condition to become a member. Existing SCNZ members now have four years to meet the new requirement. This timeframe will allow the industry to prepare.

Launched in 2014, SFC is an industry-led quality assurance scheme that aims to reduce risk for specifiers. It ensures participating structural steel fabricators are capable of manufacturing products to specified quality standards by certifying that companies have appropriate personnel and quality management systems in place.

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SCNZ Manager Darren O’Riley, SNC Steel Director/General Manager & colleague, HERA Director Wolfgang Scholz and General Manager Welding Centre Michail Karpenko