HERA fabricators members employing 10 or less staff are invited to participate in HERA’s Welding Capability Review Program.


Our team will assist small fabricators (SMEs) in achieving compliance with the applicable standards framework by performing on-site review and preparing a confidential report that will also include opportunities for productivity and quality improvements.


Compliance with welding standards

Larger fabricators typically employ engineers, QA manager and welding coordination personnel to ensure quality requirements and fabrication technologies are implemented properly. However, we know that our smaller fabricators have much more limited resources to systematically address compliance and welding innovation related issues.

Productivity audits with the Grayson Engineering team in their Manukau based workshop.

Despite this, correct implementation of welding standards such as AS/NZS 1554 series is essential to claim conformance of the fabricated item(s) with the Client’s requirements, specifications and/or Codes such as NZ Building Code. And because welding and fabrication standards are continuously evolving documents – fabricators internal quality management systems need to be systematically updated in order to keep pace with the changes in the standards and technologies.


Productivity and technology

Productivity is defined as the ability of a system (individual, department or business) to efficiently produce useful output for the end user, using all the resources at its disposal in a collective sense. With regards to welding productivity, a systematic approach is required if improvements are to be realised.

It includes correct application of welding processes, compliance with the standards and procedures, quality management and staff training. For smaller fabricators, it is more challenging to unlock the potential of new welding technologies and productivity tools such as the “Bottleneck Analysis”.


How can HERA help?

We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear in our recent consultation processes, that our SMEs need more support to achieve compliance with the implementation of Steel Fabrication Certification requirements, welding standards and technologies.

That’s why we’ve  introduced a multi-phase assessment program targeting welding productivity and compliance aspects.

The project aims to support SMEs to achieve compliance with AS/NZS 1554.1 and attain a higher standard in welding productivity.


The assessment will be performed in the following seven stages:

  1. Self-assessment by the participants of their ability to manage quality and compliance;
  2. On-site assessment by HERA staff;
  3. Identification of training needs;
  4. Assessment report with elements of an action plan;
  5. Benchmarking report against the group of fabricators assessed;
  6. Development an action plan and follow-ups (with fabricators contribution);
  7. Assessment of the performance of the Innovation Fabrication Innovation Cluster group after Year 3

Participants will automatically be included in the Fabrication Innovation Cluster which groups together like-minded businesses to monitor their performance, benchmark and follow-ups, and provide opportunities for connections and networking.


Time and cost

A total of 45 welding fabricators (SMEs) will be assessed during this three-year program. The intention is to assess 15 companies on average every year.

We’ve committed to providing full funding for the project to cover costs accrued in steps items 1 to 5 of the assessment.

Follow-up services (item 6 and 7 above) resulting from this project will be available on commercial basis as required. The fabricator will be required to pay 50% of the consultant’s time. The oother 50% will be subsidised by us at HERA.

Please note that conditions apply.



This opportunity is exclusively available to any HERA members who are fabricators and employ 10 or less staff.

We must be clear that places are limited and will be allocated on first come first serve basis. It’s why we urge all SMEs interested in participating in this program to contact our Welding Engineer, Robert Ryan as soon as possible by email on robert.ryan@hera.org.nz.

Update shared by our General Manager Welding Centre, Michail Karpenko