The NZSSDA in cooperation with Stainless Structurals Asia Pte Ltd, and NZSSDA members Vulcan Steel and Rivet Ltd organised an expert seminar Laser-fused stainless steel sections – The structural solution.

The seminar addressed architectural and structural applications of lased welded stainless steel sections and state-of-the-art fabrication practices. The event was presented by Kenny Lim Teck Huat of Stainless Structurals Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of MONTANSTAHL, and Steve Scott from Rivet Ltd.

Even though stainless structurals have been available since the 1960‘s, the industry did not show great interest until the last decade. Main reasons have been lack of material knowledge, few supply sources, irregular consumption, small volumes, long delivery times and high prices.

Stainless Structurals Asia Pte Ltd Laser Fusion Expert Kenny Lim giving a presentation at the well attended seminar.

Today, the market is not only asking for quality stainless steel structurals, but for a complete size range according to international standards as well. This enables architects and engineers to plan and design with stainless steel as freely as they like to do with carbon steel.

The presentation showed the impact of laser fusion technology in an ever-changing world of stainless steel structurals, the advantages and challenges of laser- fused structurals and the benefits which this innovative technology bring to the engineering community.

The new products open up opportunities to join structural, aesthetic and durability together to enhance the performance of buildings and structures. It is a product that sits across both stainless fabrication and general engineering workshops and requires the combined skills and compliance required to meet compliance and durability objectives.

Laser-fused profiles are in high demand in an ever-changing world due to its high quality and flexibility in being custom-made. To stay on top, continuous investments in R&D to further enhance the laser-fusion technology is being done.

To evaluate performance of the stainless steel structurals, Stainless Structurals Asia Pte Ltd initiated a research programme in co-operation with HERA, NZSSDA and University of Auckland. The aim of the research is to evaluate performance of welded moment resisting connections (MRC) made of laser welded stainless steel sections under low cycle (seismic) fatigue.

The evaluation procedure includes large scale tests on welded connections fabricated by Rivet Ltd from Stainless Steel Structurals. A research team that includes HEERF PhD Scholarship Recipient Hafez Taheri, University of Auckland Associate Professor Charles Clifton and Dr James Lim, and our General Manager Welding Centre Dr Michail Karpenko are involved in the project.

Rivet Engineering Managing Director Steve Scott with a welded section for seismic testing.