2 Oct 2019 | Ep.18 – Making seismic steel fabrication more cost effective

In this episode of Stirring the Pot, we’re excited to share the expertise of our very own technical team at HERA – General Manager Welding Centre, Michail Karpenko, Finite Element Analyst Nandor Mago & PhD Scholarship Recipient and (since recording) now team member – Hafez Taheri.

They’re giving insight into the seismic research program they’ve been working on to specify weld details for critical seismic connections in New Zealand. A move, which will make steel fabrication more cost effective while ensuring adequate performance of the connection in service.

Join us as we chat about how this research is relevant to designers, fabricators & NZ’s built environment, as well as future collaborations and opportunities, and how we’ll be sharing our research benefits to industry moving forward.

Connect with Michail or find out about joining our Design Innovation Cluster

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michail-karpenko-4ab13730/

Email: mkarpenko@hera.org.nz