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No matter what your career focus is – your skills may just be the ones we need.

One of our strategic focuses ensure that we’re always looking for opportunities for our members to take advantage of.  And because delivering to our members expectations is vital to our success – we know having the right people on the ground to achieve this, is important. That’s why we’ve always got our ear to the ground for potential internship candidates.

So far, connecting with students through collaborative relationships we’ve fostered with a range of universities around the world.  We take on students with a structural focus, right through to mechatronic engineering, IT, marine policy and resource management. It all depends on the work we’re trying to deliver.


Student internship opportunities

For us, it’s always hard to identify what internships we may have available – as our research is always evolving.

If you’re interested, we suggest you take a closer look at our existing research and development focuses.  Here you can understand if there is something that fits well with your current focuses or skill offerings.  And if not, it never hurts to send through your details on what you’re interested in pursing for us to keep on file!  You never know, it could be something we didn’t realise we needed!


Prerequisites for internships

We’re proud to take on students both here in New Zealand and abroad.  However, we expect that all applicants should have a good communication level of English and proficiency to deliver reports in English as well. And, for those travelling from abroad – it’s important you obtain the correct visa’s to do an internship prior to coming to New Zealand.

Due to the nature of our research we also ask all potential candidates to provide a minimum of three to six months commitment to our programs.

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General Manager Structural Systems


General Manager Fabrication 4.0 | Welding Centre