Currently HERA is considering to extend its Abaqus finite element analsysis license to include topology optimisation.

We’flike to hear from interested companies if they would like to explore optimisation at this level and expand their design field in co-operation with HERA’s Structural Systems.

The description and illustration of the technology is given below.


Tosca Structure.Topology

Topology optimization is a tool in early product development states. It offers conceptual design for lighter and stiffer structures. Using Tosca Structure.topology users can boost designs within a shorter development time.

Tosca Structure.Sizing

Weight reduction plays an important role in industries where every gram counts. With the help of Tosca Structure.sizing users can find sheet thicknesses with an optimum relation between weight, stiffness and dynamic behavior.

Even large scale industrial applications with up to millions of design variables are optimized efficiently. Through consideration of multiple complex load scenarios, stiffness, and manufacturing requirements, Tosca Structure.sizing helps to meet performance and production goals for an increase in eco-efficiency.


Tosca Structure.Shape

Tosca Structure.shape allows specific improvements of existing designs. Through shape optimization, the surface geometry of a given model is modified automatically to avoid material failure and increase durability or comfort.


Tosca Structure.Bead

Tosca Structure.bead supports the engineer in finding the layout of bead stiffeners for sheet metal components. For complex geometries with realistic loading conditions a bead location and orientation with optimal stiffness and dynamic behavior is determined automatically.

Update shared by our Finite Element Analyst Nandor Mago