Want to be part of the Aotearoa Steel Industry Transformation Agenda?

Then this is your call to get involved in this transformation!

This Agenda is an industry-wide blue-print to position our industry for a sustainable future. It will be based on Treasury’s Living Standards Framework, which looks at performance across four capitals:

  • Human capital,
  • Social Capital,
  • Natural Capital, and
  • Financial Capital.


It will be comprised of two documents:

  1. The Aotearoa Steel Transformation Agenda. This sets out the goals of where the industry needs to get to in order to be prepared for the future; and
  2. The Aotearoa Steel Transformation Plan. This sets out the actions that we’ll need to undertake in order to achieve the Agenda.

Goals and plans to achieve these will be set across three timeframes – immediate (now to 12 months), medium term and long-term.


Who does it cover?

The aim is to cover as much of the steel industry as we can. It is a voluntary process, so you only sign up if you feel the Agenda and Plan are workable documents for your business. You’ll also need to buy into it’s value, and how it can help our industry to work together and have a meaningful impact on the inter-generational wellbeing of Kiwis.

It is intended to cover both carbon and stainless steel, across all steel products and applications. This includes steel roofing, light gauge framing, stainless steel manufacturing, structural steel fabrication and more.


It’ll cover three categories of participation:

  1. Manufacturer (New Zealand Steel is working on their section now),
  2. Rest of the channel (e.g. rollformers, fabricators, designers etc), and
  3. Industry support organisations (SCNZ, Metals NZ, NZSSDA, MRM, NASH etc).


Why participate?

At HERA, we’re really passionate about driving this Agenda – here are ten great reasons to join us in this movement:

  1. You want to be part of a forward thinking industry.
  2. You want a document that promotes the contributions of our industry to the Living Standards Framework. Allowing you to leverage it now and in the future, and use within your tender documentations and public relations.
  3. You want a document that can be used to identify industry priorities for Government support.
  4. You want to direct the future of our industry, versus have it directed for us.
  5. You know it is the right thing to do for the industry.
  6. You love being part of a tribe of engaged metalheads who innovate successfully and are working together for

    the benefit of the industry overall.

  7. You want our industry to be seen as an industry leader rather than an industry dinosaur!

  8. You want to be able to see your own organisation’s contribution to the bigger picture.

  9. You want to create alignment on the important issues across our industry.

  10. You want to help address some of the gaps in capabilities or contribution that our industry has.


How do I participate?

We want the Aotearoa Steel Transformation Agenda and Plan to be inclusive. It’s why we’re encouraging all HERA members to engage with its development.


To register your interest and get involved, follow these simple steps:

  1. Email our CEO, Troy Coyle at troy.coyle@hera.org.nz and get the ball rolling!
  2. Get others involved and host a workshop to get broader input from your organisation or channel so we can get broader engagement, and
  3. Share your thoughts and create more awareness and engagement through your networks.


Timing is crucial!

If we want to be the masters of our own destiny and industry leaders, we need to act promptly.

It would be great to have documents ready for sign-up within the next couple of months!

Update shared by our CEO, Troy Coyle