Innovation is what we’re all about – whether in research or industry education. That’s why our #MIC2017 HERA session has our speakers highlighting this disruption.

It’s happening around the world and in New Zealand – which is why it’s so important that we understand what it all means for our industry, what challenges are ahead and what lessons we’ve learnt so far.

Traditional industries, such as primary, manufacturing, engineering, and service industries are widely recognised as the backbone of economies in developed countries. Innovation has – from being an activity mostly associated with high tech industries – increasingly become a must for survival of firms in traditional industries.

Businesses need to either apply principles of innovation in their organisations to develop an internal culture of innovation or risk being disrupted by the next wave of innovation.


Value, challenges and the way forward

In their talk, Professor Kenneth Husted and Dr Boaz Habib will reflect on issues related to innovation in traditional industries. Prof Husted will in particular emphasise the unique competencies needed within firms for finding innovation opportunities, managing the innovation process and not least, some of the challenges in capturing value from innovation in traditional industries.

Dr Habib will reflect on the application of innovation in traditional industries and how these need to be interwoven with industry drivers to secure a sustainable future. He will be particularly speaking on experiences gained with the recently government funded and now completed Above Ground Geothermal and Allied Technologies (AGGAT) research programme championed by HERA and lessons for our heavy engineering industry.


What can we do?

Join us at the Metals Industry Conference 2017 for our #HERAsessions, where Kenneth and Boaz will be providing an overview of disruptive innovation.

We’re excited with the core messages they’ll bring to our members about what is ahead for manufacturing in New Zealand.

Update shared by our Manager Information Centre Brian Low