Quality management of structural welding fabrication

The introduction of the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme in 2014 was an important milestone for NZ’s structural steel fabrication industry.

This half-day seminar will provide comprehensive insights on how to specify welding quality requirements, how a QA system such as the SFC is to be established, and how to verify compliance.

This seminar is a must for designers, structural, and site engineers, project managers and contractors, fabricators and welding inspectors who will benefit from an understanding of the SFC as well as those with QA and QC responsibilities in their role.

The Scheme ensures participating fabricators not only manufacture to the specified quality, but that they also have appropriate personnel and quality management systems in place that meet national and international best practice standards.

Hands on training from industry experts at our Welding Inspection course held in November 2014.

Weld quality is at the centre of the SFC scheme, and the welding quality management standard AS/NZS ISO 3834 and underlying fabrication standards AS/NZS 1554 and NZS 3404.1:2009 are the key certification planks.

The seminar is relevant to all people involved in procurement, the specifying of welding fabrication related quality requirements, setting-up a quality management system, and for those verifying compliance with the quality requirements. And, is presented by experts involved in auditing quality management systems.


  • Auckland 24 April
  • Hamilton 19 March
  • Wellington 28 March
  • Christchurch 29 March
  • Queenstown 27 March


Engineering the Repair & Retrofitting of Steel Structures

This one-day seminar by visiting expert Robert E. Shaw covers the repair of structural damage from corrosion, impact, fire, seismic events, fatigue or other loading conditions, as well as retrofitting for seismic upgrading, or fatigue life extension.

Standards AS/NZS 1554 and the NZS 3404.1 will form the basis of discussion, supplemented extensively by numerous resources providing the world’s best practices.


  • Auckland 29 April
  • Wellington 28 April
  • Christchurch 24 April


Welding inspection and supervisor courses

Now is the time to consider planning for your ongoing professional development – particularly for those who use (or are preparing to use) AS/NZS ISO 3834, with our two-day Responsible Welding Coordinator course.


Welding Inspection Part 1/ Welding Supervisor One-week course

  • Auckland 2-6 March 2015
  • Christchurch 9-13 March 2015

Welding Inspection Part 2

  • IWI-B (5 day course)
  • Auckland 18-22 May 2015

IWI-S (8 day course)

  • Auckland 18-27 May 2015

Quality Management of Welding Fabrication

  • One-day seminar Auckland 18 March 2015
  • Hamilton 19 March 2015
  • Wellington 24 March 2015
  • Christchurch 24 March 2015
  • Queenstown 27 March 2015

Responsible Welding Coordinator

  • Two-day course Auckland 16-17 June 2015
  • Christchurch 23-24 June 2015


More information and registration details will follow.

Update shared by our General Manager Welding Centre Dr Michail Karpenko