Get ready to see some changes… because after almost a year on from gathering your feedback and consulting with our Executive Board, management team and staff – we’re on the brink of launching a HERA like you’ve never seen before!

For us, July not only marks the start of a new financial year, but the unveiling of a refreshed HERA brand – one that not only calls for us to showcase a new visual look, but a more genuine and modern communication approach as well.

Why the change?

We were born out of a necessity to help our industry navigate its way through a testing and relatively traditional industrial environment in the late 70’s – and today, still continue this quest as we come face to face with new challenges and disruptions.

One of our biggest tests as businesses in New Zealand is remaining relevant in what has become a rapidly changing environment.  The fall of geographical boundaries and emergence of digital technologies and improved distribution channels has made it clear that if we want to stay in the game – it’s time to update our business models and open up to a new way of operating.

It’s difficult to encourage such change to members if we ourselves don’t practise what we preach – and on assessing our current processes, we realised there was room for improvement. So, as your trusted leader in the metals industry we’ve taken steps to shake things up and lead by example.

Part of that has meant updating ourselves to meet market expectation, where your feedback told us you perceived us as traditional, dated and quite conservative – yet in today’s world needed us to be more dynamic, authoritative and approachable.

Our brand changes plan to honour this so you can connect with us more – where our new look is designed to be bold and modern, and the way we talk genuine, conversational and straight to the point.  We believe this is a step in the right direction, which combined with a more user friendly website will mean you are able to get the information you need from us – when you need it.

Our Executive Board have responded well to the proposed new changes, just yesterday giving their positive feedback for what will be a significant transformation in the way we have done things in the past – and we hope your reaction will be just the same when we go live with our new website next month.

As your catalyst for innovation, we hope our journey will inspire you as much as it has us along the way.  Here’s to a new future that’s just around the corner!

Considering a rebrand or curious to know more?

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact Marketing and Communications Kim Nugent.