Haiam is a Research Engineer focused on heat transfer for clean energy technology, who directly and indirectly has been in the industry for over 20 years.

She brings a unique combination of computational design, computer analysis and experiment skills that allow her to write equations, predict performance and integrate value engineering into the lifecycle of a project – from early design stage, to production and market entry.

“Since I was little, I had a passion for inventions and how scientists discovered electricity and created the laws of mathematics, new tools, books and theories – and I dreamed about how one day I too, could play a role in devising new techniques and approaches.”

“Today, I’m able to find solutions for industrial problems by improving performance, decreasing the size of technology so it’s more cost effective and producing designs that are able to help our member companies so they can effectively compete against larger engineering companies both nationally and abroad.  It’s certainly challenging, but the reward of being able to leave my mark on a project and make a real difference makes it all worth it.”

Do you think you have what it takes to be a research engineer?

Whether studying chemical or physical engineering there is always an element of research to it – calling for staff to carry out tests, experiments and analysis to achieve more informed and smarter solutions.

If you’re interested in taking the basics of science to a more in-depth understanding or would love a career that allows you to think outside the box, put ideas to the test and challenge your mind – studying to become a chemical/process engineer or science technician could be your calling!