When she isn’t at HERA as a representative on our Executive Board, Troy is busy being the Manager of Innovation and Product Development & Pacific Islands Export Manager at Bluescope Steel.

This role that sees her cross across many fields – including engineering.  With a career journey spanning 16 years, she has had the opportunity to specialise in biotechnology and engineering projects, and at one stage managed a region strong in engineering at Illawarra, Australia!

“I truly love my role and the challenges it brings me in learning new technologies and disciplines.”

“A stand out for me has to have been the opportunity to prepare a grant application to create the Sustainable Building Research Centre at the University of Wollongong – it matched all of my passions, and after successfully obtaining a $25.1 million grant, now stands as a beautiful ‘Living Building Challenge’ accredited structure on their innovation campus.”

Does the idea of driving technology innovation appeal to you?

Being an engineer or even working with them holds an opportunity for you to change the world – enabling innovation by everyone, everywhere, every day.

Whether you see yourself acquiring innovation through creativity, developing it through your own expertise and skills or growing it by managing and fostering an innovation culture – an engineering career could just be the pathway you need.  Click here  to start planning!