Now a Production Engineer on the mine site at New Zealand Steel, from a young age Olivia has always been curious about how things worked – pursuing a career in engineering to fuel her curiosity to solve real world problems.

A relative newbie to the industry having just celebrated her two year anniversary, she loves the job diversity her role gives her and how every day is different.

“One day I can be working on complex problems at my desk, and the next I can be out in the field working around mining machines.”

“It’s exciting to managing trackshifts (conveyor movements) – it’s a task that has been carried out for over 30 years, and it’s really rewarding to be a part of this history as well as working towards finding more efficient and safer ways of doing things.”

Do you have a natural curiosity for how things work like Olivia?

Production engineers (also known as chemical or mechanical engineers) are always investigating problems and faults to find ways to improve efficiencies in manufacturing and production processes, working both in office environments and out on the field to keep projects on track for success.

If you have an enthusiasm and willingness to learn, getting yourself a technical background through education and on the job training is a great step in pursuing a career like Olivia’s – so what are you waiting for?!