An Engineer at Advance Boiler Services (NZ) Ltd, Pragya brings 12 years’ experience to the New Zealand metals heavy engineering industry.

Pragya started her career in India, where she had the opportunity to work on one of her most memorable projects – a 250MW nuclear power plant where she contributed to the entire systems design, internal and external interface points, installation and commissioning.

“The learning experience and exposure on this project was fantastic and directly attributed to my success as an engineering professional – and after almost three years of hard work and being twice promoted, I felt glad and validated in my choice to become a chemical engineer.”

“For me, I’ve always had an inclination towards analytical problems and chemistry, with a strong interest in industrial processes – and I love that every day I’m able to deal practically with real life challenges and design optimum solutions using available resources that protect the environment and ensure health and safety standards are met.”

Engineers are needed all around the world.

Pragya is a great example of how a career in engineering can take you around the world,  where her skills eventually brought her from India to New Zealand to complete her Masters project with the support of HERA – eventually leading to her being offered a full time role with Advance Boiler Services in Hamilton.

If you’re naturally creative and inquisitive and think you can show great leadership while also working collaboratively within a team – a career as a Chemical Engineer may be right up your alley.  Why not explore the possibilities today?!