If so, we’d love a chance to chat – as we’d like to offer you free marketing assistance to help develop case studies that show these projects off! But why?

Our market research has shown that there’s a strong future pipeline for our members in the marine sector and as a result we’ve been working hard in the background to secure partnerships and future R&D and business projects both nationally and abroad that meet this market demand.

In a bid to support this, we’d like to highlight your capabilities to give confidence that our members are absolutely the right fit for these opportunities – because we believe what makes New Zealand the best place to do business, is you!

What do you get from it?

You’ll get a bespoke project case study that you can use for your own marketing purposes such as your website, in bids and tender, brochures or to give clients. You’ll also gain third party endorsement and exposure through our website and supporting social media campaigns on their launch.

And, if you feel you’ve found benefit through the exercise – we’d be happy to create additional case studies outside of the marine sector to help support your strategic focuses elsewhere.


What’s the catch?

You’ll need someone familiar with the project committed to working with us, so we can tap into their expertise and better understand the problems the client faced, the solutions you came up with to resolve them, and the value your services and/or products delivered. This may simply be in the form of filling out a short form for us or a quick one on one meeting to draw the information out.

Other than this, we’ll also need a technical reviewer from your company to ensure the works we create are correct, and for you to seek and provide client approval for the final version of the case study to be used externally for marketing purposes.


What next?

If we haven’t scared you off with talks of ‘commitment’ and you’re intrigued to know more… then get in touch with our Marketing Coordinator Kim Nugent. Help us establish a strong track record, win work for our industry – and in the long run… potentially you.

Update shared by our Marketing Coordinator Kim Nugent