Congratulations to Cameron Henderson, who has been recognised for his outstanding performance in the ENCI436 course at the University of Canterbury and winning a HERA Top Student prize!


Navigating through the ups and downs of ENCI436, the steel component course proved to be a demanding yet profoundly gratifying experience for Cameron. Reflecting on this, he expressed, “The steel component of ENCI436 was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Given my strong interest in structural and seismic design, this course was an exciting taste of life as a professional engineer.”

University of Canterbury Prof. Greg MacRae & Cameron Henderson
University of Canterbury Prof. Greg MacRae & Cameron Henderson

Cameron’s dedication to his final year project, which focused on steel, showcased his commitment to the field. Collaborating with teammates Ed Macalister, under the guidance of Prof. Gregory MacRae and PhD student Mehdi Bashiri, their project titled “Panel Zone Strength in Moment Frames with Slabs” aimed to critically review the current New Zealand Standard 3404 steel design approaches for the panel zone.

Cameron has been awarded the HERA Top Student Prize for achieving the highest mark in the steel component of the course lectured by Prof. Gregory MacRae. Expressing his gratitude, Cameron stated, “I am honored to be recognised by HERA, and I look forward to continuing to develop my knowledge as a working graduate.” Acknowledgments were also extended to Prof. Gregory MacRae and PhD student Mehdi Bashiri, who served as guiding lights in Cameron’s academic journey, not only contributing to the research project but also imparting invaluable wisdom that has positioned Cameron for success in the engineering realm.

As Cameron kicks off the next phase of his career, he’s not just celebrating a personal win. He’s become a beacon for other aspiring engineers and a testament to the top-notch education and research culture at the University of Canterbury. With a solid academic foundation and a passion for structural design, Cameron is all set to leave his mark on the engineering world. Here’s to a bright and promising future!

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