After over 30 years of leadership within HERA, our current Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz has announced his intended retirement at the end of the year.

Wolfgang has held this role for the last 17 years and advises with a smile, that he’s enjoyed almost every minute of his job – but its now time to pass the CEO torch on.

He puts his great experience down to being able to work with a great team of staff, our Executive Board and of course our industry members. Where he’s found his daily work has always progressed with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Offering sage advise for potential applicants, Wolfgang says “it’s important to note that this is a very multi-faceted job which requires a versatile all-rounder.”

“The job advertisement and description put together by our appointment committee and HR consultant Sheffield’s hits the mark well – and it’s important you take heed of this if you’re interested in applying for the role.”

“Together with our recent re-brand, we’ve also taken steps to modernise the position title – transitioning from Director to CEO, and believe this better reflects the true scope of the job.”


Are you interested? Or know someone that might be perfect for this role?

We ask you to pass our job notice on to anyone you feel could match our requirements. And of course, if you’d like to discuss further, please feel free to contact our Director Wolfgang Scholz.

Applications close 8 September 2017.