HERA’s vision is to have a long-term sustainable industry which can compete globally. And our mission, is to be the catalyst for innovation and driver for industry transformation.

Industry transformation in the context of responding to disruptive challenges in an ever faster world of change is on everyone’s mind. As an industry-owned research association our mission to be a catalyst for innovation for New Zealand’s metal engineering industry.

But are we really able to drive industry transformation of an extremely diverse industry? Our Chairman and Director are teaming up to try to answer this question.

We’ll be doing this by starting with some success stories where we’ve been influential in shaping industry transformation. Then shifting on to a critical analysis of our recent initiatives which had a industry transformation focus, but didn’t achieve sufficient industry buy in to be called successful.

We’ll also be presenting the consideration of discussed learnings on the HERA strategy, with an intention to have some question and feedback time for members.  We’ll be particularly interested to know how you feel we can assist you in transforming and remaining a sustainable businesses.


What can we do?

Join us at the Metals Industry Conference 2017 for our #HERAsessions, where our Chairman Mike Lehan and Director Wolfgang Scholz are excited to share their vision for transformation our industry into a more sustainable business model going forward. We look forward to seeing you there!

Update shared by our Manager Information Centre Brian Low