As part of our works to tap into the minds of our up and coming engineers we like to support local universities and recognise students who are breaking barriers and showing exceptional skill.  And last week was no different.

We were pleased to attend the University of Auckland Department of Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Awards which brought together 190 students and many industry representatives. The students competed for a range of awards at the display day, and we were proud to present the best project involving metals – the core our organisation and industry is based on.

This year’s recipients were Students Alex MacKenzie and Adam Mago who carried out a project to design, manufacture and test the performance of a Stirling engine – a unique mechanism that can be powered by nearly any heat source and can reach higher efficiencies than its traditional internal combustion counterparts

From left: Student Adam Mago, our Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz and Student Alex MacKenzie at the University of Auckland Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Awards with their winning project on Stirling engines for 'Best project using metal.'

Judged on their presentation and merit of their research work, their display was a stand out as their engine was designed from scratch, actually worked and showed an impressive level of competence. No doubt, they’re two students ready to hit the workforce.

Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz went on to say “Stirling engines have a lot of promise as a source of renewable energy and we understand Alex and Adam are the starting team for a multiyear project to demonstrate and improve the design of an experimental engine.”

“Their study and development is an excellent base for students to get in depth understanding of mechanical engineering challenges and stimulate their creativity. And, while Stirling engines aren’t new, I’ve read a lot about how students around the world have found it difficult to get the design to actually work – a challenge these two passed with flying colours,” he said.

“For me, seeing Alex and Adam along with their fellow students showing their learned skills makes me so confident and proud to see the next generation of engineers emerge.”


Want to know more about Alex and Adams project?

You can download their project poster here. Alternatively you can contact our Director Wolfgang Scholz to discuss further.