As mentioned in our last HERA News, the HERA Executive supported an ongoing research activity run by HERA to gather more specific data characterising our heavy engineering industry.

This research activity included a proposal for the performance of a benchmarking study of the structural steel fabrication industry as a pilot for other subsectors subject to achieving sufficient industry participation in the study.

This structural steel fabrication benchmarking study proposal was developed by the Waikato University’s Management Resource Centre (MRC) and is based on a well-established NZ Business Benchmarking Survey that has been performed annually for the last 30 years.

HERA has 134 members which ticked the steel fabrication capability as part of their HERA membership registration. The Waikato University benchmarking study as offered provides for 100 member companies participating.

We have received a number of supportive replies, including from key fabrication members, but more are needed to obtain a clear representative cross-section of the industry. So support your industry’s future success and sustainability, don’t let this unique opportunity pass by. Please advise your interest in the survey directly to our Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz if you haven’t received the consultation e-mail.

Update shared by our Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz