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This course leads to the Welding Supervisor qualification AS/NZS 2214-2019: Certification of welding supervisors – Structural steel welding as required by AS/NZS 5131 and the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme.

For those wanting to progress to a welding inspector qualification this course also covers the requirements of:

  • The IIW Welding Technology 1 Module (WT1) of the IIW International Welding Inspector IWI-B.
  • The CBIP CWI welding technology “Knowledge Requirements” (Ref. CBIP Doc. No PRO-CER-07).

There are two parts to this course:

  1. One week (40 hours) full-time in the classroom, and
  2. Distance Learning component on the HERA E-learning platform. This consists of a series of assignments to be completed following the full-time course.

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Who should attend?

  • Fabricators
  • Leading hands
  • Fabrication supervisors
  • NDT technicians
  • Welding Inspector trainees
  • Welders moving to a supervisory role
  • QA managers
  • Technical representatives
  • Anyone seeking to extent his/her expertise to include welding engineering

Course entry requirements

This course requires proficiency in the comprehension and writing of English as used in the engineering industry, and in basic mathematics. Additionally, for AS/NZS 2214 entry requirement is 3 years experience in the welding/fabrication industry.

The course is open to anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of structural steel welding and the associated standards. If you do not want to take the exams there are no course entry requirements.

This course covers the AS/NZS 2214 syllabus and the Welding Inspector Welding Technology Module 1 requirements.

  1. The role and responsibilities of the welding supervisor and inspector
  2. Welding processes
  3. Welding procedure qualification
  4. Welding metallurgy
  5. Construction and design
  6. Welder qualification to AS/NZS 2980 and AS/NZS ISO 9606.1
  7. Fabrication and welding for seismic applications
  8. Compliance with welding and fabrication standards
  9. Weld defects and acceptance criteria
  10. Quality management systems to AS/NZS 1554, AS/NZS 5131, SFC and AS/NZS ISO 3834.

Comprehensive course notes are provided by HERA.

An optional series of four Refresher and Exam Preparation webinars are offered before the exams. There are four 2 hour webinars over the 4 days leading up to the exam. You can enrol for this with your Course Registration or the Exam Registration

To gain the AS/NZS 2214 Certificate (and the IIW WT1 module) candidates must:

  1. Attend the 5 day course and complete the Distance Learning assignments, and
  2. Pass the two Examinations:
    1. Paper A Welding Theory and Technology: 3 hour exam.
    2. Examination Paper B Application of Standards: 2 hour exam.

The examination will be conducted “on-line”.

More information on the examination can be found here: Supervisor examination information

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Alan McClintock  | HERA Senior Welding Engineer

Alan is a qualified welder, welding supervisor and inspector IWI-C, and an IIW Welding Technologist. He has considerable experience with New Zealand and Australia welding related structural standards and related quality control procedures. Alan is a Lead Auditor for Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) Scheme.


Volkan Yakut  | HERA Senior Welding Engineer

Volkan is an international welding engineer (IIW) with expertise in the field of Defence, Shipbuilding and Oil and gas. He holds NDT qualifications Level 3 for UT and Level 2 for RT, MPI, PT and VT. He is also a Lead Auditor for Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) Scheme.


Robert Ryan  | HERA Welding Engineer

Robert is an international welding inspector (IIW IWI-S) and AS 2214 Welding Supervisor with expertise in the field of welding processes, procedures, training of welders as well as quality management systems to AS/NZS 5131 and SFC

Michail Karpenko  | GM Welding Centre

HERA Michail, an international welding engineer (IIW), is a member of the Standards New Zealand and Australia Committees including WD-003 “Welding” actively involved in the revision and updating of welding standards such as AS/NZS 1554, AS/NZS ISO 3834, DR ISO 17607, AS/NZS 5131. He was actively involved in establishing the Fabricator Certification Scheme (SFC) and is also a Lead Auditor for this Scheme.

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What does the course cost?

Cost depends on your membership category of  HERA membership. Details are on the “Prices” tab

Does the course fee cover the examinations?

No, exam fees are additional; details are on the Exam Application at

Do I have to do the exams after this course?

No, exams can be taken at a later date.

How often is this course held?

The course is offered twice a year

What can this course lead to?

  • Welding Supervisor qualification AS/NZS 2214-2019: Certification of welding supervisors – Structural steel welding as required by AS/NZS 5131 and the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme.
  • Welding Inspector qualifications; this course the prerequisite for
    • HERA Welding Inspector Level 1 including Certificate of Proficiency in Visual Testing of Welded Joints to AS/NZS ISO 17637, and IIW International Welding Inspector IWI-B.
    • CBIP Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) this covers the welding technology “Knowledge Requirements” (Ref. CBIP Doc. No PRO-CER-07).

Can I skip this course and just do a HERA Welding Inspection Course?

For HERA Welding Inspector Level 1 and IIW qualifications this course as Welding Inspector Part 1 is mandatory.

For CBIP CWI the course is recommended.

If I just do the course but do not take the exams what do I get?

An attendance Certificate is available detailing the course content.

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